James Hamer is a talented singer, songwriter, producer & multi-instrumentalist who uses music as his primary method of expression, exploration & communication. He has worked with bands in & out of the studio, as well as having cultivated his own voice as a solo artist. 

James prefers not to think in terms of style &; although he may be loosely considered a ‘Rock’ musician, the influence of many different genres can be found in his work. The guitar is his principal instrument & often features as a focal point; however, the instrument must always serve the song (it’s never about the song serving the instrument). 

His notable work to-date includes having fronted his own 3-piece group ‘James Hamer Band’, the release of his debut album ‘Real Life’ & the self-published instructional guitar book ‘The Essential Guidebook for Guitar’. Having attended Berklee College of Music on a scholarship at just seventeen years of age, James recently returned to his studies through Berklee’s online system. He is currently working toward degree completion & hopes to catch your ear sometime soon! 

Artist Statement

I’ve been interested in music from as early as I can remember; through it I feel a better connection to myself & to the world around me, it’s my pressure valve, my primary method of exploration & my purest form of communication. By channeling my feelings through music I hope to foster a sense of understanding & connection, as well as provide a cathartic experience for both myself & the listener. 

For me it’s usually a groove that comes first; you see, groove is something which ties into feel & into listening (not just to those around you, but also listening inwardly) & I prefer the creative process to start without any preconceived conceptual ideas getting in the way. The groove comes as a pure emotional statement (often with guitar in hand) & that then informs all that follows; for instance, the lyrical concept of a piece always seems to arrive instinctually alongside the melody. By doing it this way I feel that the writing is reactionary to my feelings & it is my hope that this results in a sincere representation of my experience at that specific moment in time. I don’t tend to think in terms of ‘style’ & I’m not one for putting things in boxes (really I just go where the vibe of the groove takes me); however, my sensibilities are very much informed by the rhythmic permutations of Funk, the dynamics of Hard Rock & the improvisational sensibilities of Modal Jazz. We are what we eat I guess!? 

My current focus is on solo work, without a predetermined project or lineup in mind, but with the freedom & clarity that is presented when one is in a state more reminiscent of play. I am trying to foster a more relaxed approach that captures the essence of my feelings in the moment rather than over-complicating the musical structure. I’m enjoying the process of executing my creative ideas from within all aspects of the arrangement regardless of instrument & I’d like to think that this will result in a purer & more focused statement. My intention is to simply communicate my own truth; in earnest & without expectation, while understanding that the resulting work is just a part of the ongoing process of creativity in which we all reside.